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2017-06-26 (8 photos) 
Manolo blue suede shoes. I haven't worn these many times. They stain very easily. Inside and out. See my toe prints?...
2017-06-19 (7 photos) 
These boots are somewhat stylish yet rugged and cheap. Very useful for rough terrain. From a distance they look fine. Close up you can tell how dirty they are. There's no reason to clean these....
2017-06-12 (9 photos) 
My Dior boot heels are badly damaged because someone's gravel driveway. I decided to take revenge on the responsible party's Lucchese cowboy boots. The sharp heels with missing heel tips turned out to be very useful in this Dior vs Lucchese match. Lucchese loses. ...
2017-06-05 (13 photos) 
My Louboutin Decollete pumps after I have worn them a few times. I did get them wet and wore them while they were still wet and that is probably why they are looking so worn and dirty already....
2017-03-27 (12 photos from the archives) 
I got home from the local bar one night and look what my shoes looked like. I must have walked through mud without realizing it at all. Luckily I was wearing these really old Aldo sandals. Not only are they worn out, it looks like my dog got to them and tore up one of them. Oh well, no need to clean them....
2017-03-20 (37 photos from the archives) 
The great thing that college girls and cowgirls have in common is the abuse they put their cowgirl boots through. This college cowgirl can't be bothered to keep her cowgirl boots shiny and new through all that drinking and partying. She likes them well worn, scuffed and dirty just like western boots should be....
2017-03-13 (15 photos from the archives) 
This pair of soft leather Boutique 9 pumps was new not so long ago. Having apparently been worn on rough terrain, they're looking quite beat up. Close ups of the soles show quite a bit of wear but perhaps the best indication is the damage to the heel tips....
2017-03-06 (17 photos from the archives) 
A new pair of shoes, or perhaps shooties, by Donald J. Pliner. The heels are not too high so they are sensible work shoes. And they look rugged enough for the construction site and other terrain unfit for the more delicate high heels....
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